Fostering Growth and Connections in Richmond’s Education Technology Community

There is a rising community of companies in Richmond, Virginia who are solving some of the toughest challenges within education today.  RVA Ed focuses our energy on these early-stage, Richmond-based companies who have an opportunity to create a major impact in the education community. We know that building a business is no easy feat.

We believe there is a strong interdependence between the businesses, institutions, and individuals aiming to solve education’s biggest challenges in new and creative ways. Our mission is to foster these deep, mutually beneficial relationships because we are all allies for education.


Shared Services

RVA Ed provides a number of shared services for portfolio companies ranging from technology support to financial services to alleviate stress on business owners and their teams.

Community Events

RVA Ed hosts frequent events so Richmond's education business community can socialize, network, learn together, collaborate, and share knowledge and ideas.


Our team members formally and informally serve as mentors to individuals looking to make a difference in education through solutions and services.

Business Support

We share our expertise and experience with passionate business owners and their teams to develop, grow, and scale their businesses.